Windhorse Approach



Risk is a function of price and is best managed through the ongoing application of judgment and intuition by experienced capital allocators.



Understanding what one owns is a better means of controlling risk than owning many things about which one knows little.



Thinking like an owner entails the ongoing sensitivity to and optimization of fees, taxes, and all other forms of return slippage.



The simplest means of generating superior results in an overcrowded arena is to think longer term and act – or not – accordingly.

Windhorse Credo

We strive to fully adhere to a code of conduct that underpins our team’s objective of investment excellence on our clients’ behalf and to which Windhorse’s principals ascribe extreme importance. It comprises five elements, as follows:

  • Windhorse expects its employees, vendors, and advisors to behave honestly and ethically and to accept full responsibility for their actions.
  • Windhorse bases employment, promotion, and compensation decisions on merit alone.
  • No Windhorse employee is too eminent to perform, when necessary, the duties of Windhorse’s lowest-paid staffer.
  • Windhorse seeks to maintain an agreeable work environment where equanimity and humor are the norms.
  • Windhorse is a partnership: its ownership is broadly shared as is its commitment to long-term, multi-generational success.